Monday, October 20, 2014

Swell Pop Art Review

A Swell Sister Society art show this past second saterday was a delightful, light hearted affair. Everything Pop Art should be. Big, bold statements, with a bright, colorful smile! While the idea intrigued me, I fealt decidedly OLD when faced with the opportunity to show along side my girls. The walls of my creative brain seemed to constrict as I searched for a thread of anything contemporary I wanted to paint. It isn't apathy keeping me from an opportunity, or indifference of the serious issues in America  and aroad, it was, perhaps, for this very reason I couldn't participate. I could't find a way to turn issues important to me into cartoon strips, or soup cans. I am still twice minded about it all. Am I becoming rigid? Have I been spending too much time studying technique, color, compisition and somehow have lost touch with the edge of art. Or, as I stated when bowing out of participating, is Pop Art simply not my thing? How does this translate as an Artist? I have always believed, a painter paints, whatever it is. Something new to inspect. Art will never not make me question. 
In any case, the show was awesome. Five women contributing to the annual showing, with video, paintings, altered art, and even fashion! If you have time to stop in to the 2110 Gallery on Kst, give the works a peep in the loft gallery! Myy Sisters never stop amazing me, and they will amaze you too!      

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