Monday, February 18, 2013

Life Drawing as a Way of Life!

I've been hosting some figure drawing circles in my home lately, and I have really been enjoying the way it brings me back to the bones of art - figuratively and literally. I was thinking that I neeed to be painting, I could so use another load of laundry done before the kids go back to school tomorrow, I mean, I may not even ever use these, right? Still, it is an indisputable fact among artists, the practice of drawing from the live figure is well worth the effort of putting a life drawing group together, or chipping in to attend one if available locally. Chatting with the other artists attending the circle I host, all have expressed how staying in practice ALWAYS improves the art they create in other areas. For me, when I go back to my easel tomorrow, my eyes will be in "tune" better with the image I'm rendering from a photo. For another it may be their sense of An object in space, or color, or proportion. All from the practice of seeing, really seeing, and then trying to render what that is.

Happy Arting!

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