Friday, January 18, 2013

Post Holiday Respite

Oh my, the holidays can take a lot of wind out of my sails! I can't believe an entire month has past since I've done any real art! I can feel the muscles in my right arm beginning to atrophy! hahah! I did manage to keep a brush in hand right up to mid December though, so that isn't too bad. Now that all of the tinsel is swept up, the seasonal adornment put back in boxes, the new year rung in with whoops and shouts and declarations of resolve, it's time once again to commence good work.
Starting off the new year right, I am scheduled for a showing at Sutter Auburn Hospital in the summer. This means much of my time, some of which borrowed, will be spent between the easel and the garden. Five months to prep for a show may sound like a cushy time frame, but when you are juggling family and the gig that pays the bills, and trying to paint amazing paintings five months, or five hours seem pretty much the same. Still, I think it's ann excellent way to start the new year, and exactly what I need in way of moving further along the corse of artistic growth. I have my studio cleaned up, and multiple paintings back at the easel. All of those little works I have been dabbling at are now ready to become larger, and far more stunning pieces. I begin today. Happy Friday to you all, go make art!  

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