Thursday, December 6, 2012

About that Character

Remember my bus stop people? yes? Well I have my gentleman just about there. I put a second layer on him today and am very pleased that he is coming through with his character very intact! I have also put the first layer on one of the women. While painting both constant thoughts of their stories run through my mind. A very cool thing about painting and anatomy I'm finding is that you can, as you reconstruct the image, glimpse the way the subject might have appeared as a younger person. It's like excavating the years of someones life with paint. I'm trying to "see" as much and as purely as possible, so this may be some of the revelation there, I'm not certain. Applying some of the advice I have gathered from other talents has unveiled many such a delight for me over the years. I love that aspect of painting and continuously striving to understand and master the medium, as I go along it reveals so much more of itself to me! Sheer joy. Happy Arting!

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