Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Minor major adjustments and advise for the seekers of high art

Mmmmkay, so I tweaked a daily, which made it a weekly. Who's counting though, yeah? I'm going to have to put my little guys up a sec in order to work on some larger pieces.
For you other seekers of higher art skill I've been you tubing Dave Laffel, and picking up a bit here and there. The man is amazing. Something I have learned in my artistic journey I try to employ whenever I can (especially when there is no adequate instruction about for one reason or other). If you dig an artist, study their art lineage. Eventually you will find they trace somewhere back to someone who is published, or teaches. Even several. I've found books, and snippets of video, and even email addresses of artists I wouldn't have otherwise found by doing so. Every artist worth anything will give a nod in the direction of their mentor, so keep your eyes and ears open for such homage. Just saying. If you are like me and have had to piece together quality art instruction, this is often a good second best. I have yet to talk with anyone about instruction by DVD. I have a couple requests from collage libraries to borrow one from the Richard Schmid collection, and another from Jeremy Lipking. If they allow me to borrow them, I'll be able to let you all know first hand. Btw, these two artists are masters that I found by way of teaching lineage. All of whom are just out of my price range, but are published, or on DVD. They both teach as well if you can swing it. Two amazing artists that have a ton to offer.
I have recently tried another approach. I admire the work of many, many artists. The few that I have been instructed by were amazing in their own right. Still, I've never been able to say I wanted to paint "like" someone else. I'm possibly the latest bloomer alive, but I found an artist, quite by accident, who's work I had an instant kinship with. I mean, it was like there was a spiritual umbilical cord existing between this body of work and myself. It has never happened to me before. I found my goal. Painting all of these years without a goal, other than to improve, has been exactly what it sounds like, aimless. Not a good thing. I know exactly what I want now, the skill to paint in the likeness of Carl Ramsey! I contacted him via his website to see if he does the teaching thing, negative, but we had an insightful exchange, and he looked at my work, and gave me some very valued tips. He has an interesting lineage of his own, I have to sleuth. Again, mentioned in his bio (boys and girls, never forget where you come from, eh.). Try this. It's surprising where it takes you. Happy arting!

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