Monday, November 19, 2012

I'm almost there

A lovely doorway in Mendocino, Ca. As soon as I walked past it I had to snap a pic for reference. That was three years ago, and while cleaning my studio I came across it and had to put it on canvas right away before three more years pass. This is on a 24x16 canvas, but I feel like this belongs in my white slip series with one of my girls??? I'm going to put some finishing touches on it, work the screen door, and then decide. Right now it's very flat and needs some painterly hits. I want to bring some purples out to play up those flowers. There is already a deep violet working in the darkest darks, and now I believe it will play well in the foliage to the rt. of the stairs, perhaps in the screen as well.
I took some time over the weekend to rest my eyes and play with some material I've had for ages. Some up cycled stuff and some left overs I found in a thrift store have become the start of a lovely quilt. No, not art, but certainly muse. There is certainly some correlation between the symmetry you find in quilting and some forms of art. Then there is the amazing color patterns. Yes, I believe there are many similarities. Obviously my mind never strays far from painting even when I take a break from it. Okay then, happy Monday, and Happy Arting!

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