Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I completed the last bb a couple nights ago. What little works are next? Hmmm. At the moment I have a number of large works that are either in the works or need to be made room for on the easel.
I haven't posted on my transit riders in a bit, but they are under construction. I'll be working on them today, and perhaps have some time to revisit the white slip project. I need to take a look at the latest white slip with fresh eyes and perhaps start over. The final image I have in my minds eye has changed a bit since I started. I've never reclaimed an oil canvas, so Ill need to research the how to there. I know a couple artists that work primarily in oil, so they might know. I believe the rule is oil over acrylic is fine, but not the other way around. From my reading I remember I will need to make the medium for an oil canvas, but I don't think I payed attention to what that was. The bucket of gesso isn't going to work though, I'm pretty certain of that. I wonder of there is an oil gesso? I need just a few more hours in this day I think. Okay, I'm off to start it! Happy arting to everyone!

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