Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bathing Beauty ll & Multi tasking

I've been out of commission lately. My back went out on me last Thursday, and I've just gotten back in the studio this week. I haven't been entirely unproductive though, I've managed to finnish two more small oil paintings for bathing beauties. I have one more that I want to paint and I'll be finished with that little series. I have one from that mini series that I want to paint on a larger scale (the bonus good that comes from these small scale work).
I'm getting in the habit of daily painting, and I'm finding it very rewarding. I'm enjoying having multiple projects going. I'm finding it regenerates me, and saves me from myself when I get to a place in a piece where I have to wait to lay the next layer of paint on.
Here is Bathing Beauty ll, this is the other painting that will become a larger scale piece.

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