Friday, October 19, 2012

Support Frustration

Huh? Well I've worked myself into a fret, and I am not referring to a musical fret. I did make some Lino cuts that I wanted to make cards from for Saturday. One of the three I thought came out well enough to use. I began trying it out on different papers to see the effect. I found the one I wanted to use, a very smooth surface medium weight paper with very little tooth that takes ink very well, but when I went to the various art stores to purchase the precut card stock and envelopes they only had watercolor paper. Ever see an artist with an idea in mind? It's very hard to deter. I purchase the cards, and its been pure frustration since. Not HUGE problems, but enough that I think I'm going to have to hang up the card idea, yet again. I'm giving myself a few more attempts at it tonight, but I'm feeling less than optimistic about it.

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