Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Studies as small works

Before I start a series of something I sometimes do studies.  I think its a best practice for me to get in the habbit of doing this any time I'm going to paint, but I presently only do this when I'm feeling unsure of some element in my subject. For "Girls in Transit." I first did a small portrait of the girl starring out the window. Her skin was a tone I hadn't painted before, so I wanted to really know what I was doing before I approached it on a larger scale. Here, too, I am doing a study for a manderin grove series. In this case all the elements are foreign, so these little works will help me make some color decisions before hand as well as create work for this fair. Here is the second little work.

There are a few touches I plan to add, but essentially it's done. I'm trying to decide in these studies if I want to accentuate the roses or the peachy color of her skin. Also the play of light on the paper parasol. I think I'll do a still life study of the parasol. In oil this time.

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