Tuesday, October 9, 2012


As I've been posting, I really enjoyed this last group of paintings. I was able to find my voice in these pieces, and after reflecting on my feelings I believe I know why. One, maybe most importantly, "subject and content" important to me. Ive tried to paint subjects that fit into a theme for a show, and if it didn't work for me it came through in my finished piece. Two, I was able to "relate" the environment to the subject. "Women in a Vineyard" really helped me see how important it is that the environment around the subject support and be a part of the energy you want to communicate in the works focus.
In a new piece I'm working on I feel I'm making the same connection relationally. This is from the Getting There series I started back in 2011 with Girls in Transit.

Of course this piece has a way to go, and I may be posting tomorrow that its impossible to bring the space and the subjects together, but I'm feeling good about this piece in progress for now. Happy arting to you all.

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