Monday, October 29, 2012

I previously mentioned that I was going to start making my small paintings in oil, and I have! I've also opened an Etsy store called ArtSway where I will list all of my pieces. There are other places on the Internet that I want to look into for selling, but I want to see which one fits me best. If you're interested in taking a look at my shop, you can find it
I figure when Im not sitting under a tent, everyone can find me here, or there! So far I have three mental pics in my mind for this possible series. I'm thinking by the end of the week I'll have two of the studies done. We'll see.  In the meantime. My "quick stop" painting is moving right along. In just a few more strokes I get to start painting the people, and that totally excites me. Those three are SUCH characters! I want to do them justice. Okay then, more to come later in the week. Happy arting to you all.

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