Saturday, October 6, 2012

Done, and "plumb" tuckered out!

Wow, what a week. I'm fatigued, spacey, and possibly coming down with a bug, still, I completed my six paintings for the fair. Strangely enough, I'm pleased with them and the way they all came out. This is a new, odd, perhaps even uncomfortable feeling for me. I was able to find my voice in these pieces. I don't know if its the tie into my heritage, the length of time since I've shown any of my work, or the timing. All I know is I am especially pleased with these pieces, and very excited for the Delta Art and Wine Fair this Sunday. If you are able to visit Clarksburg, Ca. it is going to be held llat the Old Sugar Mill Winery. A little personal history about The Sugar Mill , in the early to mid seventies half of my family was employed by the mill when it was in full operation. My mom, dad, three uncles were all working there in the seventies along with many other folks in my neighborhood. This, in its way is very full circle. I remember the drive over there. It was exciting to cross the Bridge to Clarksburg.The beautiful levee road with its view of the Sacramento River was then, and still is, one of my favorite drives to take. I could spend days driving along those delta roads, with the windows down, the music up, and the river at my side.
I'll post pics of all six paintings after the show.for now, here is my favorite.

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