Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Art under a Tent

Who knew? This whole art under a tent thing is a little addictive. I'll be hanging out with my artsy girls next weekend, October 20th from noon till 6 p.m. in Downtown Sacramento peddling my art again! It will be my small scale work, all acrylic. I think I have to start some small canvas oils to have on hand for just such happenings. A weeks notice just isn't enough time to pull off anything in oil. There in is the beauty of acrylic, si?
Of course I will also have my vintners series from the last fair as well, and some Lino print cards. Have I mentioned my LU-HuV for lino cut making and printing? Oh my, yes. It is just an amazing thing. Perhaps it's the cutting and carving, or the hard line images, or the paper, or the edgy quality? I don't know, but it resonates.

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