Wednesday, November 9, 2011

home sweet home

it's been a long while. very long. so much has happened, sadly, no art yet. at the present though, my studio is sitting in it's designated spot in the garage, packed, and waiting for me to reconstruct. i have, since august, come out of the cave i wrote about, and searched the valley for a place for my family to live. it took my entire fall. i have missed an entire season of my life! how funny is that? really though, finding and closing on the house was accomplished in september, the move happened over three weeks of october, and even now we are still unpacking, reorganizing, etc. here is the coolest part - we fit in this house. eeeee! i'm just so thrilled to have access to all of my kitchen ware in one room! hooray for us! my dearest friend said, "you are no longer Gypsy's!" how perfectly put. we were so very nomadic before now. now i feel like there is the kind of soil i can take root in.

i also lost my gram in october. she is such a huge part of me - of every part of me - it just doesn't feel like she's really gone, and in so many ways, she really never will be. every step i've made in my adult life has been based on her example. whenever i have approached something important and felt uncertain, i've thought about her and her life, and what i've learned from it. i am so grateful for having had her. i hope i amount to half the woman she was.

while no art has actually happened for me for some time, i have made a few steps toward fueling my artsy heart! i have rejoined the Swell Sister Society, and i have had contact with my instructor. two things that encourage me to hurry up and unpack and push paint around already :)

life is very full now. there are a hundred things i want to do, and it adds a bit of excitement and wonder to each day that i make one of those things happen. composting, gardening, exploring my new neighborhood, buying a couple chickens, recreating my art space, lessons with ross, spending time with the wealth of beautiful people that i call family and friend ...and SO MUCH MORE! (everytime i say that i think of you jenj) i'll keep this blog rolling for now with more the "art of living" than the making of it. more to come though, Bodhi temples, Seventh Day findings, trails I'm blazing.. mmmmwah!

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