Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I want to suck the eyeballs of Paul Margolis!!!!

Photographers rock my socks. I have always had a strong kinship with, and admiration of them. I'm pretty fortunate to have a couple in the family that manage to keep me immersed in visual fascination, but like any good art junkie, I must have more! The photo I posted is a photo by the great Paul Margolis. His series of the south side of Ellis Island is truly resplendent. I'm loath to write more since the photo speaks for itself, but UUUUUUGH, I am so sucked into this photo! I want to go there, place my mother in that chair facing the viewer and paint it! Take a tour of Ellis Island's, unconverted, southern side on Flavorwire (one of the spots I count on to get my artsy fix. Ohhhhh, good stuff there). This pic is of the maternity ward on the island, and it's depressed, haunting, beauty becomes even more enthralling when I imagine the innumerable immigrant mothers and mothers soon- to- be that sat in those rooms and birthed their hopes and dreams and futures of coming to America. God, I have tears forming over Margolis's genius. Alina, Oliver, BE INSPIRED!!!! I know I am.


Marial Dreamwalker said...

Wow! Wonderful to read such a powerfurl response to this photograph. After all, isn't this what art is supposed to do? Glad you are inspired! Sending you Creative Blessings!

cree said...

the whole series margolis did at the island is amazing, but this one just held on to me! i really think his vision in this project was flawless.