Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Shame

There are so many emotions to be explored on canvas - or anywhere else. I think an amazing project would be to capture them all in a painterly, figurative way. Not just "happy, "sad", etc. but secondary and tertiary emotions as well ... the difference between upset and pissed off and furious! It would be a huge undertaking, and some emotional explorations would be personally difficult ... like shame. It's not a subject that comes up as fodder for general conversation unless it's some other persons. Embarrassment, yes, we've all got an embarrassing story that, with some distance and perspective, we can share a laugh, or - who knows - some enlightenment about? But shame? You don't get a lot of people telling their best shame story unless a court orders them to do so for an agglomeration of high school students in order to avoid jail time, or you start the story out with, "hi, my name is___, and I'm a ___," - ya feelin me here? I started thinking a lot more about this when I read an article about Wayne Koestenbaum's book, "Humiliation," where he explores the subject and comes away quite the prurient sage for me. I'll definitely need to read through his work before contemplating exactly what shame looks like for me on canvas. Without vetting an S&M guide book, I think his would be the next best take on the virtuosity of experiencing shame, and how one can turn it into a character building experience.

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Laurelin Gilmore said...

I think I might just be interested in tackling that project with you, dear. shame is one I might have passed over, but on second thought, that does get difficult to explore on a whole different level. My thought was originally the way the face twists to express shame, but certainly not my own face on canvas. In thinking about it more thoroughly, the ideas that really prick me are those that would show what I would definately not want to show. Mmmm. Good excercise. Not hame as an abstract, but my own shame specifically. Scary, but incredibly interesting. Keep me posted if you decide to delve into this.