Monday, July 25, 2011

oh so close!

After last weeks posting, I think it's important to show you a place I always feel really good at when I'm creating. I'm at that "almost there" point with this piece, and I'm digging the way it's coming along. This is one of the top three most exciting places for me to be with a painting. I'm well past the place I was last week, dum, dum, daaaaa, dum - The Beginning (it's so embarrassing to go back and read myself fretting into a corner). I've taken it from crazy looking sketch (with things crossed out, and scrabbled back in, then crossed out again ... well, I've posted that stuff before, you know what I mean) to something closer to what I have in mind and recognizable. The colors and composition are "doin it" for me at this point, and I can see, like, really SEE, the very next thing, and the very next one after that, and after that! If it weren't for the fact that I'm working in oil now, I would probably have finished this one. That isn't a gripe though. no, uh, uh. I am sooooo thrilled to have all the reasons I have to slow down now. I don't know if, on my own will, I could be trusted to step back and really look at a piece I'm working on - especially when I'm feeling excited about it - and it's here that we need to do just that. I love that oil is giving me that discipline. It's very nature is helping me to see more clearly the direction I want to take with each painting. A little more clarity each time. Combined with the awesome instruction of Ross Browns (also telling me to slow the hell down and keep my brushes out of the thinner, lol), and you have yourself one happy artist.

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