Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A New Sacramento Arts Scene!

I love when the universe proves me wrong - again! Whenever I am at my most negative, down, frustrated, I am sent some beautiful, cosmic being in the form of a human friend or acquaintance to bring good tithing's, hope, and encouragement! Yes, I am truly loved by God. It's just lovely to know that there is something so immense concerned with my mood swings and doubts. This week it came in the form of one Petra B., some lunch, and good old-fashioned girlfriend catching up:) If you don't know her, please acquaint yourself by visiting her latest and greatest, She's put together a website to be reckoned with for the artists and art lovers in Natomas! If you are thirsty for the arts, can get your fine self to Natomas, Petra B. has put together a site to quench even the driest thirst! What a lover of the arts she is. Seriously, a round of applause goes to her for this resource. It's definitely the answer to, "ya know, what we need is ...." Ahem, surrounding Sacramento areas???

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