Monday, June 13, 2011


Work in progress. Recognize these two from an earlier post? This is as far as I've gotten the young ladies so far. God I hope light rail got them further and faster! This particular piece has certainly taken me a few places. It will be interesting to look back on it and remember what time in my life it signifies to me. While they are certainly the physical reps of new technique and reform, they also embody some radical changes in my life. If one can call becoming a parent of an ADULT child "radical" (I do realize something that takes 18 years to happen may not seem "radical" to some, and I admit, I'm given to hyperbole). It certainly does go by fast, as any parent will tell you, and it's quite a ride! Wherever did the train take my girls? .. where has it taken me? .. For them, I can only hope to where they wanted to go. Me? Well, to a new beginning, again, and this seems like a really cool place so far.

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JEN ZONE said...

Bright and cheerful and reflective. I thought you were finished with this piece with the stark white back ground. I'm pleasantly surprised to see you filling in the silent void. Love your commentary too. Way to go finding another school of technique to follow.

Train-keep-a-running-all-night long...