Monday, June 27, 2011

A little trick I learned ...

from a friend! Jana, Jana, yellow banana! Yes honey, YOU (if you're reading this mmmmwah!).

Ahem, and now I shall pass this artistic blessing onto you too;) ATC, they ain't just for trading any more! I have lost, yes, lost, my biz cards. I haven't been promoting my art heavily in the last year or so, but I am asked about, or given the curious once over, from time to time, and there is always (thank you, thank you, thank you) always a friend, or a friend of a friend that has me in a commission. Now, I know the voice of wisdom when I hear it, and it sounds just like Jana's. A while back she ran out of her own business cards, but had a few ATC's in her purse .. cause, you know, don't we all??? .. Anyway, she penned her info on the back and SHAZAM BABY! You have something that is far more memorable than card stock. While I'm waiting for my snail mail to arrive, I have primed a few old rewards cards (you know, the plastic cards for about every store you go into now. They say it gives you discounts, but they just want to track our spending - that's a different blog though) and have gotten my mini paint on! I wouldn't do this to replace business cards, no, surly not, but wow, while in a pinch, what a cool idea. They're cute, fun, easy, and reminded me how much I dig making those super small scale works! If you are interested in learning more about ATC's, there are hundreds of sites all over the internet dedicated or featuring ATC's. Go and explore!

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Campbell Jane said...

wHAT?! I love it! I'm glad you kept that in the vault!
I buy Avery business cards #28877 and print them on my own now as I need them because things/shops/blogs change. They look just as good as Vista Print. I'm gonna tweet your blog.
Create a great day!!