Monday, December 13, 2010

Support Local Music ...

... sleep with a drummer! lol, i have a computer bag that says that, and whenever my husband gigs i make sure to have it with me! tee-hee, a little groupie pun/fun. after a way too long hiatus, it looks like i'm finally going to have one of my favorite subjects to paint from again-MUSIC! take this snap for example, are you painting it in your mind already? ha! i'm so geeked to be reunited with my number one muse! life is golden, birds are singing, music is playing - or i should say live music is playing:)
i have finally made a dent in my studio. boxes are unpacked, easel is reassembled, space is working out lovely, and after a few upcoming uses, whatever kinks await me are sure to be worked out. progress! i was able to make a lesson with ross recently (it was good to push paint around again - ahhhh). I look fwd to sharing our recent endeavour. it's the old masters approach to the portrait! stay tuned, and happy arting!


Laurelin Gilmore said...

I'm excited to see what you're doing art-wise (or any-wise)! I'm always happy to hear about your art life, your art thoughts, your art spirit. It helps when ine is feeling a little dim.


Campbell Jane said...

As a matter of fact when I first saw the picture I WAS painting it in my mind!
Love the saying! I need one of those. Jim is playing at Woodbridge in Lodi this weekend. His next weekend off from gigs is in September :(