Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Two girls about town

Here is the back ground story. I'm on lightrail one afternoon, and these two young women get on looking young, and fresh, and stylish, and hip - you get me - and I think to myself, damn, I wish I had a camera, I would love to paint them. Then it dawns on me that I do have my camera, and now all I need to do is muster up the courage to ask if I can take their pic, and explain why I want to without coming off like a nut! I don't know that I actually accomplished the unnutty part, but they were VERY cool about letting me get some snaps of them for a painting! If you ladies ever read this - THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING THE ARTS, AND KEEP BEING YOUR FAB, DIVA SELVES!!!

ahem, so, background told, here is the start of a new project piece, and the study from my last blog entry. Are you feeling the tude? I hope so. I was so struck by the contrast of this cold, dead, sterile, train and the liveliness of these two girls. I'm often amazed at the energy that people bring to the places they are, however briefly, visiting. A buss stop, lightrail, coffee shops, wherever. It isn't as if we don't notice them. We do. Before we pass judgments based on appearance, or figure how we measure up to them, we notice them, and perhaps in only that brief instance, really see them.


Good Juju said...

Wow Cree. Seriously--what an amazing shift in technique and use of color! I am so juiced for you! And important revelation about the noticing of that which is around us for that split-second. Impressive.

Wherever your move has taken you, I hope it feels like a place you can call home.

Laurelin Gilmore said...

I love your observation about how we see people, and don't see them. And wow am I impressed you actually asked! I have so much trouble asking people if I can take their pictures, I just draw them when they're not looking or photograph them from my spot in the bushes. ;)


JEN ZONE said...

Love the colorful life upon a moving stark white background.