Monday, October 11, 2010

My instructor, Ross Borwns

Ross Browns, my painting guru, beautiful new piece to my eclectic art education, mentor to this fragmented part of me that has been yearning to grow and bloom into... well, that's what I'm finding out, but for sure something whole! Ross, home grown, northern California artist arrives with palate and travel easel in hand a couple Mondays a month to my humble abode to bestow pieces of his artistic wealth to me. He demos and instructs at the same time, so it's a very comprehensive hour and a half. He lets me ask as many questions as I need to, and reviews what we've gone over before the end of the session. As we go on, the lessons will look more like he and I painting side by each and him coming in to correct, instruct, etc. At the moment we're moving through painting from color theory, materials (thankfully one at a time - no confusion yet), and the portrait so there is a lot more of him at the easel and me standing over his shoulder and writing down everything I can think I might forget! I'm pleased with how he is influencing my work and style, and as I've worked independently, I've come closer to seeing the areas that I really need to apply myself in order to reach my present goal. I'm excited and enthused about this folks. Please feel free to comment! A little about Ross as an artist, his work is figurative, expressive and highly emotive. There is drama in his use of color, and energy captured in his brush stroke. It's obvious he has all of the skill and knowledge of a classically trained artist, but isn't in any way shy of breaking the rules. Don't let me stop you from finding out about him for yourself! You can find his work at take a look at what gets me all hyped about him! Seriously, I'd love to dialog about the expressive quality in his work, the movement and atmosphere he creates around his figures is really very dynamic, and yet there is a clear communication about what he wants you to focus on in each of his works. It's that energy that I'm intent on gleaming from him!

I have some in progress work to catch you all up on that I'm excited to share, and my latest commission piece! So more to come. Have a productive week beautiful people! Make Art!

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