Monday, October 11, 2010

lesson #2

Here we have lesson number two, or Glaze! This one is mine. There are two layers of oil paint before the glaze was added. Working on canvas, I found it difficult to get the brush marks I wanted (that you see below), so I thought maybe working thicker would help. It did help some, but the real effect came through once we applied the glaze and Ross suggested I scumble in some color over it. It was a little scary, I have to admit, and there were some tonal adjustments that had to be made, but I really like the effect, and the depth here.

A portrait with a single light source that has a layer of glaze. This is my instructors demo. Beautiful. This pic doesn't really do it justice. It's really exciting to watch him just put this out so fluently, and even more so to grasp a bit of what he's doing.