Monday, September 20, 2010

Something old, something new ...

ha, ha! and i would be the something old - but never in spirit, right? Thirty nine ..The final year of my third decade .. the grand finale .. almost the oeuvre of the decade! Are you feeling the high drama? yes, yes, as am I!

Seriously though, I try to do two things at the end of every year ... or at the beginning of the new, whichever you choose to look at, I try to reflect on the lessons, the people, the highlights, the troubles, etc. and then look even further back and see if it ties into the bigger picture, pattern, moments of my life. this is important to me why? because i don't want to miss "it." you know, the point. i believe we all have one, and that it's waaay too easy to miss in the hustle and bustle of day in and day out. anyway, i'm pleased to see the direction my life is taking, and the challenges just on the horizon.

the other thing i do is gift myself! last year i made my rounds of all the figure drawing clusters i could find in sacramento. i found some really interesting circles, came away with some lovely sketches and a couple paintings, and met some very nice people! this year i am gifting myself an instructor and some time! yes! i know, i'm excited too, right! my recent hemming and hawing over where i'm at with my art, and the "next right thing" brought me to the decision that this is the perfect gift to myself! we'll be working in oil, focusing on color theory and that expressiveness i've so longed to achieve. i'm posting my first assignment above, a portrait of my oldest daughter, and i have another on the easel of my nephew (well, you know christmas will be here before you know it). it's a very different stroke for me, and i'm trying to learn to blend my colors right on the canvas. i've heard of this before, but never done it, and it's a bit tricky! i'll post my nephew tomorrow and talk about the differences in the two. i'll tell you right now that i struggled with the canvas blending on this one .. the one of my nephew was much less troublesome.

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