Tuesday, September 21, 2010

portrait #2

a little bit of success here, a little happy dance, and then it's back for more practice! here is the second portrait mixing on canvas. the mixing on canvas felt more familiar to me here than the first portrait. you have no idea, i wish i had taken progression photos! i thought it would be a bit easier than it was (i mean, my instructor made it look sooooo simple, right) but controlling the color and amount of paint was, in hindsight, quite tricky. from yellow, to yellow with red cheeks, to, ugh, you get me, yeah? this one felt so much more fluid, and i had a chance to work more on my brush strokes. i have another instruction coming up monday, and i can't wait to get feedback. i'll tell you all about it after monday. already though i am seeing the expressive quality, and so i'm stepping back to hug myself before i move back in to make corrections.

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