Saturday, September 25, 2010

portrait #2 corrections

okay, made a couple corrections to my nephew's portrait. most of what i needed to do was move the nose and eye, but while i was at it, i decided i wanted more red in the cheeks. today i'm going to play with my third portrait of ... not sure yet ... but i'm going to go for a lot more expressive quality in my brush stroke (yes, as monday approaches i am getting a touch more nervous). here is the cool thing i wanted to share, i've already gotten several comments about this being so "different." even non artists have mentioned it. i have an artist friend (olivia hansen) who has an especialy keen eye mentioned it first, so as soon as i heard that i knew i was on the right track. okay, i'm keeping it short and sweet today cause i have eeked out some time for the easel today!

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Campbell Jane said...

What a cutie pie! Miss you!