Sunday, September 5, 2010

Music is an art form that involves all of the senses, and because that is, if you have at least one, you can experience it. If you have access to all of your senses you can experience it fully. If you can go further than that and create it, well, if you can create it you are unlimited. You can personify it, communicate with it, translate it, experience it on both a spiritual and intellectual level .. I said all that only to set the mood of this postings doodle : jazz inspired, highly emotive, and expresssssive .. which touches on something I've wrestled with for some time now.

Expressive art, or the next stage in my development as an artist. I had dinner and drinks with my closest friend last night, and one of the topics we caught up on was art, where I'm at with it, where I've been, and my next move. A few years ago I played with the idea of exploring expressive, figurative work, but I had to be totally honest with myself at that time, and acknowledge that I just wasn't ready on several levels. Well, I'm back at contemplating the same subject .. uncertain if I'm ready still .. but willing to inspect more closely weather or not I'm ready to put in the work and time it will take to get me there. The work part is no worry for me. I know how to work hard, I can focus, and I'm willing. I mean, what more satisfying work could I do than what I'm passionate about? It's the time thing. I've found first hand, second hand, and from the pro's that you must put the TIIIIIIME in. I think that is the most important lesson I read about this summer. The artists I admire most, historical and contemporary, were or are monastic about their art. They approach it as one would a religious order. Much the way you delve into anything that will define a part of your life. I would equate it to a major relationship, like that between mother and child, or husband and wife. It takes up that much space. For some years now it's had more the role of mistress, or courtesan. When my other relationships are satisfied, I can give to it whatever I have left. If you know me, you also know that I run short on this very thing, time. If you don't know me, then let me impress upon you that time is of greater value to me than money - no joke. That isn't to say I have no control over the arrangement of my time, or that time can't be found, scrounged, and created, it can. How much is reasonable though? There will have to be cuts, amendments, but how severe? That's where I'm at. The decision of weather or not I can make the time commitment necessary to grow that bit more that I've been craving. I'm not thinking this through idely. Noooo, I have my pokers in the fire:) I'll let you know what my research turns up. Cheers!

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