Monday, September 6, 2010


Tessa and Troy! Done and off the easel. I really enjoyed working on this portrait. There were no time constraints, I was free to work this any way I wanted, and it was really fun showing Tess the stages as I went along. She's done child care for my family for more than ten years, and so it's a good feeling to do something nice for someone that does so much for others. I will happily present it to her this Wednesday.

Looking at the photo as a jpeg., I think it's hard to see the way I used the periwinkle blue in the darkest darks. I think it's still possible to see the layered washes I used on Troys shirt and in Tessa's hair. There is that dramatic light falling on her back and hair that I mentioned in a previous post. I like that about outdoor settings. The light is soooo much different. While you may not have that element of controlled drama (like a candle lit subject, which is breath taking), what you do have is the play of light all over the subject and the drama of light playing over a subject at varying degrees - a visual crescendo!

Alright good people. I'm off to think about the next painting!

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Campbell Jane said...

Nice my Friend! I'm in a slump with a big show coming up. Wish I had your mojo.
Miss you!