Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tess and Troy

A lovely couple, Tessa asked me do do something for them, and this is the start of that something. I have a few adjustments to make to Troy's nose, and then I'm going to put in the background, lay some lettuce, and hopefully hand them their first (of many) painted memories.
Okay, and I'm pretty excited that an old friend asked me to paint his portrait in uniform. He just completed a couple years in the IAF, and has some amazing photos of Israel that I can incorporate. I'm a bit more than geeked about that one, and honored that I was asked (insert big, cheesy grin here).
Okay, and here is also a great example of how not to waste paint. the under tone for the above pic was left overs from .. I don't even remember. Seriously though, Im not stingy with the paint, but it kills me to have too much left over (especially acrylic as it dries soooo quickly). Anyway, I remembered that another artist I know is amazing with left overs, and uses them to experiment with (happy accidents), as an undertone, and even the background if she has a cool palette mud happening. Gawd, have I ever mentioned how much I love other artists? Damn resourceful people!
Okay. I think since I'm up all night I'm going to tackle the rest of this painting, and who knows what else???

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