Thursday, August 12, 2010

A muse at rest

What face is sweeter than your own child's? I've been drawing my children since they were babes. As cartoon characters in my scrapbooks, as figures in my paintings, as line drawings. They are the images I am most familiar with, even more than my own! Capturing them is one of my greatest pleasures. Aside from the sentimental reasons for rendering my kids, there are practical reasons too. One, they are always around. We share natural environments, so it's easy to catch them in the middle of a stretch and say, "hold that!" Mind you, they don't always comply, which is why i catch them sleeping from time to time, or watching TV (aaahhh, it's like putting them in a trance and then drawing them!). I have a doodle of my oldest daughter getting ready for .. something. It's one of my fav. drawings! It was spontaneous, natural, and familiar. All the components for a great sketch. In fact, it would make a great composition for a painting too. hmmm, I may have just inspired myself!

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