Tuesday, August 24, 2010


When things aren't going your way what do you do??? I'm determined to sketch a portrait of my little bro, and it just isn't happening. While neither of them is bad, and both look like him, I'm still, just not happy with either. The one with the palm is a fabulous capture of his jovial spirit, but it's more something I would sketch and frame for myself - more of a character portrait .. the other, well, aside from the "ear issue" which I could go in and fix, I added like five years to him getting all caught up in the darker values. I'm killin' me here people:) We'll see if this next sketch comes out - third time is a charm, right? We'll see. I read an interesting approach to portrait sketches on the EE website (have I ever mentioned that I am a dedicated follower of EE)?
K, wish me luck (and the ability to render proportioned ears - jeez)!

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