Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I painted this well over a month ago and looked at it for a great deal of time. It started as a line drawing that I really enjoyed. Then, since I've been planning a trip to Paris (earliest of stages my dears), I had to paint the spot that I've been reading so much about. This would perhaps be the view from the space I rent. It was the view from an apartment that I could afford for ten days anyway! I've also found journaling to be a balm to my troubled spirit lately, and so the pen and journal. I used my husband as the subject even though it's me that he's representing. This piece isn't finished, I'm just not ready to give it the final coats of paint. This one was very experimental. We'll see.
I'm taking up the 7 selves project. It's been on hold for a short while, but I have a desire to take it up, again, and perhaps when I'm finished painting them also do more thorough writing to go along. Or not. I may just journal more in detail about them. Lucretia will get the first coat this week. I'm looking forward to this journey with her.

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