Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Personal Palette? Wuzat?

A "personal palette". This is the last time I hear this term and not really understand what that means. Is that in kind with, "what's your favorite color?" That may be making it way too pedestrian, but on some level it feels like that to me. I've never had a favorite color, so this further adds to my confusion. There are colors hanging in my closet that repeat quite often, but how often do we buy cloths because we like the color? Do you know how much BRIGHTER my wardrobe would be if i dressed accordingly? ha! I get the emotive pull that color, especially a flood of certain colors will bring, and I think it's safe to say that that is understood and accepted by most people not just artists. So, the personal palette??? I understand the limited palate, an academic palette, and whatever instructional influence one spring boards from .. I get the theories revolving around them .. but I'm left feeling a little out of the loop when I hear about one that is "personal." Is it too simple to assume it's just using the palate that you're most comfy with? But what if that isn't consistent .. ought it be? hmmmm. I'm interested in what you out there might think about this. Give me some new perspectives to look at this subject.
**side discussion** I have always LOVED that space in childhood where the child coordinated, or rather doesn't, because of the way the clothing, colors, symbols make them feel, and not because they match, or look "good." It would be a fun experiment to take a week and pick out our clothing this way. hmmmm. Wait, I think I did this in high school at some point ...** hahaha gotta love the 80's! I'll let you know if I try this for grins and giggles;)

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