Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Passing Strange

Whew! It's lightening up all around me. I engaged in none of the activities I mentioned yesterday .. instead I watched a musical. That's right, and not just any musical either. THE best, most fantabulous, moving, core quaking, soul searching musical I have ever seen. On levels too many to mention this musical spoke to me. As a mother, an artist, a child, a woman, an american, a PERSON I was deeply moved. The musical is "Passing Strange," and to say that I loved it is marginalizing how engaged I became while viewing it last night.
After a MOST cleansing cry (during, and then, again, after the auditory, artistic experience) I feel once more able to get back to "the real" to quote pretzel man;) Don't wait to need to be rattled out of your own creative funk - embrace this art today.

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