Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Playing the piano, and painted in monotone, we have ~

Gabriela! One more for the music series. This, like the others, will be done in acrylic. I'll be having fun in this one with her reflection in the french doors. The glass itself will be fun to tackle. Because it's so prominent in the piece, I'll have to be sure to get it right. Exciting. This glass has dark curtains behind it, so really the reflection will be the trickiest. I'll have to study up and practice for this in order to get it right. I have some ideas in the hopper that involve wet city streets too, so I'll be brushing up on all kinds of reflected light. Oh! Stay tuned, "Cretia" is all mapped out (yes, she required a map). She'll be #2 in the 7selves, and my second attempt in oil. I'm both thrilled and a bit intimidated portraying her. Looking at her. Seeing her. She's a pretty complex part of me with a lot of depth. I'll be posting more soon. Ta!

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