Monday, May 24, 2010


Another piece I worked on while at home last week. This piece has been in progress soooo long .. I think I started it two, maybe three years ago? Close, anyway, I'm so happy to be so far along with it finally! My daughter, who is the muse and musician in this piece is really enjoying the progress as well. Not sure if I've ever mentioned it, but while I'm a huge fan of music and devotee of LIVE music of almost any kind, I can generate none myself. Possibly a reason I love to paint musicians soooo much while they are at their art. For not having any skill in this area, I am certainly one of the more fortunate souls to have a house full of musicians. My husband plays bass, guitar, sax, and DRUMS (his main instrument). One of my daughters picks at a guitar, another sings, and one plays piano and flute, so yeah, I'm a lucky chick! It isn't hard to be inspired by another artists inspiration. My daughter that picks at guitar is also a very promising photographer, and recently I've painted a few of her portraits into the background of one of my paintings! Very cool to represent their gifts in my own art.
Okay, break over. Time to get back to the easel before a quick dinner, nap and then work!!! Just eight more hours in the day would be soooooo nice, don't you think?

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Campbell Jane said...

Nice! I'm so jazzed you are posting! I just made a new blog this weekend. check it out. You'll be surprised, there's no color! :)