Thursday, May 13, 2010

I realize you can barely see this sketch. Sorry for that. Anyway, I'll be painting the first layer in burnt umber, monotone. I'm already getting obsessed - maybe "obsessed" isn't the best descriptive, or maybe it is? So the elements in this pic are going to be more challenging, and the palate much smaller.

My concern, first is going to be weather or not this pic really carries Cretia across to the viewer. I can totally see her in this pic, but I don't know if she's communicating in a more general way or not??? Feeling me? Sigh. I'd really dig some feedback when this piece is fin about the spirit of the painting if ya'll could take the time??? Oh and if you want to play along, and take a guess at which master I'm influenced by in this one, I'd get a great kick out of that too:)

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