Sunday, May 30, 2010


Story telling through the use of symbolism. As evolved as we are, and no matter how far we come as a culture, painting will always be the strongest language we can communicate our experiences in. All else that art might be and serve us as it is the ability to communicate universally that allows the artist to transcend and at once say more than he or she could ever have uttered. This is according to me, and I'm sure there are artists that would disagree, but at the moment I am feeling at one with history and future and very soundly in the "now." My sisters and brothers that left their story on the walls of caves and in hieroglyphs and in realism, and in full emotive expression and myself are at the moment standing together, blowing kisses to our brothers and sisters that will tell their own stories, unimagined yet already foretold!

My painting aftermath, this is the best I can do to describe it words. One day I may paint it. Happy creating!

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