Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cretia, and a Week in Heaven

A week of uninterrupted PAINTING for meeeeeee! Nope, not my birthday, not even cause I've been a good grrrl - haha! Just because! I won't be blogging. I may not even turn my computer on this week. I've taken a few days from my bill paying gig to dedicate to my projects, and a few that have just happened to come up! Yes, that's right a couple more have been added. We'll see how they work their way into the line up. I just can't pass up an opportunity. A couple of my friends have some time to bestow upon my painterly nature, and I'm taking FULL advantage of them. One is preggers! How exciting, totally BEAutiful, and generous is THAT? I know, okay? So I'm excited to get my week underway (this evening)!
The pic I've posted is Cretia in monotone. She'll be in oil, and I'm using burnt umber for her under painting. *Some revelation in oils - they don't dry evenly. I thought I was going to just jump on the mono painting the day after, but the titanium white put the breaks on that! I knew that - not. It's been sitting at the easel teasing me for 48 hours now so I'm literally itching to get at it.
**Random thought of the day, but related in creativity : You know why I love exotic restaurants (beside the amazing cuisine)? Wherever the place is, it lends itself to photo taking with no effort on your part! Like weddings, and birthdays, it's set up for you! Instead of balloons and flowers and gussied up people of the moment you have beads, dim lighting, mirrors, tapestry, copper or silver dinnerware - stunning! My hubby just turned 50, and a group of us celebrated by taking him to an AMAZING Indian restaurant in West Sacramento, Pooja Grill. It didn't matter where I aimed the camera, the back ground was stunning!
I hope you all have an awesome week, and I'll be back next week! xoxox

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