Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back to the easel

Happy Tuesday ya'll! I'm back at the easel today, and feeling that bubbly, tummy tickle, enthusiasm that we all get when we're about to embark on another adventure, project, idea, muse - however you choose to think of it! Yes, that anticipation of this next great thing that's about to happen that has never happened before (well, never happened through you anyway)! I've got it today, and it feels like the vibrations of an orchestra running from my toes, through the ends of my hair!

I'm all about "Cretia." In all ways I love and am in awe of this self, and so I'm going to bring her to life attempting the hand of a master artist I'm just as in awe of. Composition and light will be key here, and it will be executed in my new medium of choice. Agh! I can't wait. I'll post at least her complete sketch, later, tonight. It feels gooooood to be coming back to the easel. xoxxo

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