Thursday, May 27, 2010


I think there will never be, for me, anything more thrilling than life painting. I used to say that about life drawing ... but then a gallery owner let me bring in my acrylics, and the rest is history! This is a new muse of mine, Amy. Really turning into a fast favorite. Since this pose a week ago, I've had at least four or five other amazing brain paintings with her featured. **little side not here, "brain painting" is NOT an artistic term .. the correct term would be inspiration .. vision .. etc. It's just a best description of what happens when I am first inspired to create - I see a sense of it complete in my mind's eye first. ahem.** I'm still working out the finished product for this one, and it's behind a couple priority projects, but I just had to share this because I love it so! This model is really quite amazing, and I'm thinking about proposing she do some pro art modeling for a small group of women artists that share this passion with me!
Okay, I'm off to swallow one more cup of coffee, and the hit my easel! I will be completing, or at least be VERY close to completing "Cretia" today! If I have some tremendous amount of time left over, I may complete "Keys" as well, who knows?!?!

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