Thursday, April 15, 2010

what is all the buzz about???

The BEE SHOW dahhhhhhling! lol. Here is a sneaky peek of the piece I'm entering. this is a very different composition and subject matter for me, so feed back is more than welcome. In the words of the GREAT erykah badu, "remember, i'm an artist, and i'm sensitive about my shit." So ya'll be nice now;)
It's been a while since I've kept up with the blogging. No excuses, I've just been slacking. After the erotica show, I've been working on the Bee piece, as well as making plans/schedule of finishing up a couple of projects that keep getting pushed aside (aaagggrrrr). I believe after this show, I'm going to take a break from them (showings) till my projects are up to date. I feel like I keep talking about them (monterey, white slip, music, and seven selves) and making short progress here and there, but then I get wrapped up in some exciting show, and they have to exit the easel for however long it is before I'm done with the show. No more complaints. My mind is made up. It's done! I'll post the fin pic once it's ready!

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Ali said...

Well, Cree, my feedback is that I think everything you do is wonderful! Howz that for objective?