Monday, April 26, 2010

A Virgin in Oil

Bringing ya'll up to speed here. Some friends of mine (and I) began this self exploration some time ago. Through writing, poetry, paint, drawing - whatever you choose we began to explore pieces of our persona's as entire "people." The writing alone was no easy task, but it was, I don't know .. liberating? .. painfully beautiful? .. I'm not sure how to describe it. It was all of that, and revealing, lovely, scary, sole searching, and much, much more. Ultimately, it has become - or is becoming ART! I've decided to create these works in oil, a medium I've wanted to explore for some time now, but haven't, until now, given myself permission (insane the things we hold ourselves back from because we think we don't deserve, aren't good enough, or are unworthy of them).

I'm starting the 7 selves. My first sketch is on canvas, and I'm geeked! I'm beginning with Luc, because this self is one that I've inspected so closely over the years, and have a healthy relationship with. Luc and I have learned to accept one another and coexist. It's a nice place to be with yourself. lol. and that is why I'm starting here. I'll post the progress as I go.

In the spirit of multi tasking, and finishing projects (ahem) I'm also going to post an ongoing series dedicated to music and those that create it. I'm smack in the middle at the moment. The pieces "Monterey," "Srings," and the new "Keys to my heart" are all a part of this grouping.

Okay, so getting on with it, feedback is MUCHO welcome. Thanks for the support. I hope you enjoy this new medium with me!

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moo said...

Much work ahead, you have... my young jedi. Looking forward to the progress.