Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Here is the last peek at my piece for the Bee Show. I've had it posted on my facebook page all week too, so for some it may be a repeat image. This has been a fun process for me - and a challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the spectrum of amber's and yellows .. the repetitive shape of the honeycomb that echo throughout the piece .. my effort to represent the honey bee authentically while at their craft .. I truly hope my awe of these magnificent creatures comes through for the viewer. I'll be finishing this piece over the next couple days, and I'm excited to finally stand back and look at it in its completion. I will never not marvel at the experience of creativity. The idea, concept, message, planning, plotting, immersion, learning, executing, dancing, celebrating, explosion, imploding!!!!!! Whew! You feeling me on this? I know you are. In all it's complex simplicity there is just nothing in the world like it. It fuels you, but is also the vehicle that transports you there. Where? To exactly where you're supposed to be, so you can let go, give it up, release it to the universe, then start all over again - but not the same, no. Each time is unique. Special. Miraculous. Hmmmmm, I think that it must be like that for the Honey Bee too when they create, when they follow their drive to do what they were created to do. How lovely.

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