Monday, March 1, 2010

ick days

Seasonal allergies are upon us, and I've got the worst case of them! Puffy eyes, stuffy nose, constantly making a loud " agggrhhaa" sound to clear your throat of the post nasal drip .. drip .. drip! Okay, too much? hahahaha! Some goooood news comes through even my benadryl induced haze - my snafu is resolved! I can't believe I'm about to count chickens, but I believe I will be on time to deliver the commission this Friday. In which case it will be time to celebrate! Wait, wait, there is more to come. A couple exciting projects I'm involved in over the next few months. 1, the seven selves project. a private show happening in may and themed on the different "selves" we have in each of us. All self portrait (in the broadest sense) developed and executed by a very talented local artist, Laurelin Gilmore. Check her out at 2,Later this summer, I will also be in a show sponsored by the Sac Bee, about Bee's, and featuring Bee Themed art, benefiting UCD Bee folks! How cool is that, yeah? yeah. I'm feeling very good about the ideas I have for both shows, so I'm excited to complete my current project, and get the others under way.

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