Friday, March 5, 2010

ahhhh, friday

Signed, sealed, and delivered. Commissioned piece is complete, and now my corner studio is looking barren - like there's a whole in my easel or something! I've grown so accustomed to the 36x48 canvas, at various stages of completion, dominating my artistic nest that there is the illusion of a vast space there now. Not for long, I have the beginning of a pianist piece that goes with the "strings" piece from the December show started, and there have been many images flashing about in my mind's eye of the two shows pending. I'm eager to get them underway. Stay tuned for more of that. I've also been by the MFG (hey Jen and Marco!) to pick up my undocumented pieces that will post over the weekend (from the erotic show).

Also the past couple weeks have been busy with birthdays (hey Mom, Trish & Mark!), music, and great friends, and I'm eager to talk a bit about that too! I have some cool pics to share that have been inspiring. For tonight, I think I'm going to relax a bit, read some and catch some needed Z's.

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