Tuesday, March 16, 2010

5x5 fun

I was thinking about all the fun I've had over the years with art. These two, small, 5x5 paintings were done a couple years ago when I, and several artists from the Swell Sister Society sold affordable art for a great cause. All the proceeds went to the Women's Wisdom Project here in Sacramento. "The WWP is a uniquely feminine environment that supports the artistic and personal growth of women in all stages of life, Women's Wisdom Art believes that artistic exploration naturally brings greater self-knowledge. Classes, which include lunch, are free and taught by professional artists. They include drawing, textiles, clay, mixed media, poetry, gourd crafting, creative writing, and painting with acrylics and water color. The Women's Wisdom Art offers a safe, nurturing environment for women of all backgrounds. Through the support of SFBFS staff, volunteers, and other students (each other), women are introduced to art and its healing properties. Thus, women realize their true potentials and learn the importance of imagination, control, patience and emotional discipline. Women working together in an informal setting provide a warm comfortable place for artistic exploration. All women who wish to participate are welcome. For more information call Helen Plenert at (916)456-1980." In so many ways having a creative outlet has been my safety net when life has become the most turbulent. This week I have reflected on the most creative times in my life, and was amazed to find that many of them were at the lowest points. When everything around me was crazy, up in the air, or out of control, I was able to find some peace through art. I think it's beautiful that the WWP exists to bring that same experience to other women.

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Ali said...

Hey beautiful lady! I enjoyed catching up on your blog. New puppy? Are you CRAZY?! Anyhow, she looks very cute. Talk with you soon. Kisses!