Thursday, February 4, 2010

Swell Sister Society

I'm completely thrilled about a couple projects that I'm working on at the moment, and I want to share why, but first a little history ..
First, I belong to a swell collective of women artists, called the, "Swell Sister Society." There are approx. fifteen of us, and we meet up for all sorts of artistic and social escapades! As a visual artist I often find myself isolated with my art and in need of a community of others just as passionate about art as I am, soooooo, when I came across this group of talented women, I jumped in! Check us out if you happen to be a poet, writer, sculptor, painter, designer, glass artist, singer, dancer, etc., looking for a group of artistic encouragement and muse!
So, I said all that to say, a few of us have been writing and painting on the theme of "7 selves," and are now talking about the possibility of a small showing as well! weeee, a small show with a self portrait theme! This will give me a chance to cut as loose as I want with portraiture. I'll continue to post more as the idea develops! Stay tuned for that, it may get wild!
The other project is a bit more subdued, but nonetheless, thrilling to me. I was commissioned over the summer to paint the portraits of five children for a patron of mine that supports my work. She's left it all to me, and I decided to to do a playful, heavenly scene, and make each of them a type of angel! This week I just began painting in the figures, and am geeked over my choice! I can't wait to present it to her, and share it in my posts with you too!
Oh, speaking of angels and portraits and art, check out the work of one of my dynamic swell sisters that is responsible for the seven selves project, Laurelin Gilmore at Brilliant work, this woman delivers!

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